The Totem Arancinotto - What is it?

The Totem is a semi-automatic machine for the production of sicilian arancini, supplì and potato croquettes.

This is a manual machine designed to optimize the use of the "Arancinotto" (the mold) without using motors or other electrical elements.

The totem was designed with the express purpose of facilitating small and medium-sized workshops in the production of typical Sicilian arancini guaranteeing:

  • Possibility to install different molds to achieve many shapes and weights (NOT PRO or SLIM molds);
  • It reduces to the minimum the effort of the user;
  • High quality arancino, with rice grain always intact;
  • Easy to use;

The materials used are stainless steel, a high-strength plastic material suitable for contact with foodstuffs. Designed and built in Sicily.

Designed to adapt to your needs

The Totem adapts to your needs thanks to the molds made specifically for it. Whatever the weight and shape of the arancino you want to make, the Totem is always the same.

To make different arancini is possible to install a large variety of totem molds (see photo) simply by screwing them to the Totem. 
A Totem's Mold is composed of: one basis, a ring, one long plunger and one short plunger .

These molds must be purchased separately and are different from the classic PRO and SLIM molds.

Can I use the Totem's molds by hand?

Yes, you can.

You can use the Totem's Molds without the Totem itself. To do it,  you can use these handles, and screw them to the molds.

These handles are UNIVERSAL, as you can use them with any mold of the Totem, regardless of the shape and weight of the arancino.

How to use the Totem

Step 1

Make sure you have set the right mold set relative to the shape and weight of the arancino which you want to achieve; 


Step 2

Fill the base of the mold up to the rim with rice;

Step 3

Place the ring on the base;

Step 4

Place the mold in the special housing under the long plunger (left position), and pull the lever downwards until it stops;

Step 5

Introduce the seasoning (stuffing) in the internal cavity just created in rice; 
Fill so as to leave 2-3 cm between the condiment and the rim of rice;


Step 6

Place the mold in the special housing below the short plunger (right position), and pull the lever down until the rice allows it; 

Step 7

Remove the mold from the machine, remove the ring;

Step 8

Turn the mold upside down and let the arancino drop out.