How to use the Arancini Maker Arancinotto

It is very simple! Follow these 6 steps or watch the video at the bottom of the page.

In case of problems, contact us via the chat below or on our facebook page.

Step 1

Fill the base of the Arancinotto with rice and use a spoon to pack it down firmly.


Step 2

Put the lid on the base and insert the plunger as far as it will go;

Step 3

Remove the plunger and spoon your filling into the central hole, packing it in with a teaspoon to ensure there is a generous amount.

Step 4

Cover the top with a thin layer of rice and press it down using the other end of the plunger.


Step 5

Take the cover back off of the Arancinotto and gently remove your arancino.

Step 6


Does rice not come off the mold??


Do not panic! Solving is very simple :)

It rarely happens, and in 90% of cases the problem is the EGG. The egg makes the rice too "sticky". If you have used it, please avoid it and try again! If you have not used the egg, the problem could be the type of rice (we recommend rice for arancini) or the consistency of the dough. The latter must be dried and cooled.

Butter is an excellent ingredient. It helps to release the arancino from the mold.


If you do not solve the problem contact us.