Arancini with veal straccetti and artichokes

Arancini with veal straccetti and artichokes

Introduction to the recipe

It is common knowledge that meat and artichokes go well together.

So why not use them to make arancini with a savoury and wonderfully melting filling? Perfect in autumn or spring, when fresh artichokes are in season, these arancini have an intense yet delicate flavour, to be enjoyed with every mouthful.



160 grams


Ingredients for about 12 arancini

For rice:

  • 500 grams of rice ("Roma" and "Originario" rices, mixed in equal doses)
  • 1.1 liter of vegetable stock
  • 2 bags of saffron
  • 10 grams of salt
  • 60-100 grams of butter

For the finish:

  • 100 gr of flour
  • 180 ml of water
  • 2 eggs
  • 150 gr of bread crumbs

For the filling:

  • 300 gr of veal for carpaccio

  • 8-10 artichoke hearts (about 300 gr)

  • 150 gr of provolone

  • half a glass of red wine

  • half onion

  • extra virgin olive oil

  • salt, black pepper

Preparation of rice and filling


How to prepare the rice:

  • In a saucepan, put the broth, the butter, the saffron and the salt
  • When the stock is boiling, add the rice and mix well
  • Cover and cook over low heat until the rice absorbs all the broth and is cooked but al dente
  • When cooked, stir, pour the rice on a cold surface and spread evenly to allow rapid cooling
  • When the rice is cool down, it is ready to prepare the arancini

For more informations about rice, Click here.

The filling

  • Blanch the artichoke hearts in salted water for 2 minutes, then cut them into thin slices
  • Cut the veal into straccetti (thin slices)
  • Finely chop the onion
  • Sauté the onion in a pan with a drizzle of oil, add the veal and the artichokes and let them sauté for a few minutes, until brown
  • Add the wine and simmer until reduced
  • Add half a cup of water, lower the heat, add salt and pepper to taste, and let simmer until the water has evaporated. Then remove from the heat and allow it to cool
  • Dice the cheese and add it to the other ingredients

How to shape the arancini

How to frying the arancini

The finishing touch

Put the arancini in the batter and in the bread crumbs as follows:

  • In a bowl, place the flour
  • Add the egg and water and beat well with whips
  • When the batter is smooth and dense, pass the arancini
  • Immediately after having passed them in the batter, pass the arancini in bread crumbs


  • Fry in plenty of oil until golden brown, to ensure your arancini fry up perfectly, use one of the following oils: peanut oil, olive oil, or palm oil.
  • Heat the oil to the ideal temperature, 190°C, either in a frying pan or by setting the temperature on your deep fryer.
  • If using a pan, you can make sure that the oil has reached the proper temperature by dropping in a bread crumb. If it sizzles, then the oil is ready.
  • Immerse the arancini gently in the oil, only a few at a time, so as to prevent the temperature of the oil from falling too low.
  • When they are done, place the arancini on absorbent paper, then serve.
  • Serve the arancini with sauce on the side.

For more information about Finishing and Frying, Click here.

Enjoy your arancini!


For an even creamier arancino, add some béchamel sauce to the filling.

Bonus idea

If you are fond of strong contrasts, you can substitute the provola with a more strongly flavoured cheese, like Gorgonzola.

In Sicily, the importance of artichokes is connected not only to the cuisine, but also to culture and identity. Mythology tells of how Jupiter fell in love with the nymph Cynara but, when his love went unrequited, he took his revenge by turning her into an artichoke, as green and prickly as her nature. We find mention of the artichoke in Pliny the Elder’s Naturalis Historia, where he emphasises its restorative properties. The artichoke is thorny but full of surprises, a bit like Sicilians themselves.

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